Welcome to the home of Conde Malagueta, a site where you will find video tutorials for Citrix solutions and a little Microsoft . These how-to style videos are designed to get you up and running quickly and we hope they are of use and enjoyable.

It’s your news source for cloud computing and both desktop and application virtualization.

In here your going to find videos, webinars, technicall support articles from the best CTPs ( Citrix Technology Professionals ) in the community and news of the industry such as in Citrix, Vmware and Microsoft tecnologies

now in portuguese ;O)

Ninja, Guru, Piloto de Kart, Jedi que vai te dar novas ideias e te ajudar a escolher e a usar produtos e soluções da Citrix.

Sou consultor Citrix e trabalho com soluções da Citrix e Microsoft desde 2001 e é com este blog onde compartilho o meu dia-a-dia, a minha experiencia real com produtos da Citrix.

Este blog oferece a visão de cada cliente no que diz respeito a requisitos e necessidades e um volume bacana de ferramentas, recursos e informações e o meu lema é que “tudo gira em torno de aplicativos e virtualização”

se voce tiver alguma questão, comentário, critica, ideia, historia entre em contato que terei o maior prazer em responder-lhe

 Trabalho na LCS http://www.lcs.com.br  e o meu email é nuno.alves@lcs.com.br

Onde voce me acha:



  • DropBox – DropBox is the easiest way to store, sync, and, share files online.

Citrix Tools

  • NorSkale – A great must have collection of Citrix related management tools.

Citrix Training


Thin Client



  • Alike – Free Backup Solution for XenServer and Hyper-V.


Citrix Technology Professional Awardees


Aaron Parker
Alexander Ervik Johnsen
Alex Juschin
Andrew Morgan
Andrew Wood
Bernhard Tritsch
Brandon Shell
Carl Webster
Chris Rogers
Chris Wolf
Claudio Rodrigues
Dane Young
Daniel Wedel
Denis Gundarev
Douglas Brown
Elias Khnaser
Gabe Knuth
Greg Shields
Helge Klein
Henrik Johansson
Jarian Gibson
Jason Conger
Javier S. Alcazar
Jeremy Saunders
Jeroen VanDeKamp
Jim Moyle
Joe Shonk
John Smith
Mike Nelson
Neil Spellings
Nicki Wruck
Pierre Marmignon
Remko Weijnen
Rene Vester
Rick Dehlinger
Ruben Spruijt
Shawn Bass
Stephane Thirion
Steve Greenberg
Thomas Koetzing
Thomas Krampe
Thomas Poppelgaard
Thorsten Rood
Tim Mangan
Timco Hazelaar
Trond Eirik Håvarstein
Warren Simondson
Wilco Van Bragt

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  1. Hi Nuno,

    My name is Kirti Patil, an Author Acquisition Executive at Packt. Packt Publishing is a print-on-demand publishing company which specializes in publishing books based on specific technologies and solutions. You can find more information about us at http://www.packtpub.com.

    This mail is regarding the proposal for Reviewing a book. The title of the book is ” Mastering Citrix Xenserver”.

    This book will be a standard tutorial which guides the reader step by step through the implementation of a virtual environment, demonstrating how to develop a robust and adaptable, high performance and highly available virtual infrastructure.

    This will be aimed at administrators who architect, maintain and monitor virtualised environments.

    I researched your profile , and felt that you would be an ideal person to review this book for us.

    The total page count of the book would be approximately 350 pages.

    As a token of thanks, your name and biography would be included in the “About the Reviewer” section in the first few pages of the book.

    You will also be receiving two copies of the book: one eBook or print copy of the book you review and an eBook of your choice from our catalogue.

    For more details regarding reviewing, please visit http://www.packtpub.com/article/author_reviewing_for_packt.

    If you are interested in this proposal, then please let me know at the earliest. I would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

    Kind Regards,
    Kirti Patil
    Author Acquisition Executive |Packt Publishing
    Email: kirtipatil@packtpub.com

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