Citrix Web Interface vs. StoreFront 2.5

Great article by Thomas Koetzing comparing Web Interface 5.4 with Storefront 2.5 

With XenApp 7.5 / XenDesktop 7.5 the support for WI was extended BUT no further development is done!

StoreFront has really cached up with Web Interface features but nevertheless the adoption is on a slow rate. My biggest problem is stability and performance and hopefully has improved with the latest release.

From –>


Description Web Interface StoreFront
Account Service for “One Receiver” No Yes
HTML 5 Client support No Yes
Windows 8 RT Client support Yes Yes
Roaming devices with consistent apps No Yes
Citrix Secure Gateway support Yes No
Launch applications Yes Yes
Access Gateway embedded site Yes No
Launch data for EdgeSight Clientstart Yes No
Auto- and mandatory app subscription No Yes
Autolaunch desktops Yes (file) Yes -> URL
Session pre-paunch Yes Yes
Prevent multi-launch of applications Yes (file) No
Filter or hide applications Yes Yes -> URL or AG
Tweak ICA parameters Yes (file) Yes (file)
Messages, Notes, Pre-, Post Logon message etc. Yes (UI) Yes URL
Web UI change through console Yes No
Advanced customization Yes Limited but URL
Code extension Yes No
Software Development Kit (SDK) Yes No
Pre-populated domain Yes (UI) Yes (UI)
Domain list Yes No
Explicit authentication Yes Yes
Web Pass-through authentication Yes Yes
Kerberos authentication Yes Yes URL
SmartCard, Token authentication Yes Yes
Anonymous logon Yes Yes
Access Gateway integration Yes Yes
Password Manager integration Yes No
Password change Yes Yes
Customize web session timeout Yes (UI) Yes (file)
Settings per location (IP subnet) Yes (UI) No
Client proxy settings Yes (UI) No (single, file)
Client deployment Yes Yes
Java Client fallback Yes No
Application search Yes Yes
Favorite applications No Yes
Stateless web sessions No Yes
Theme support No No
Error logging in eventlog Yes Yes
Documentation Yes Yes

   UI = Option in console, File = Configured by edit source file.

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