Visio tips for creating good Citrix Diagrams

Over the years I’ve created a lot of Citrix diagrams.

I thought I would share some tips of the way I work to create good Citrix diagrams.

Get the right Templates

Visio Templates are collections of Visio shapes that are used to make diagrams.

Using the right Templates can make the difference between an average diagram or a really good diagram.

Andrew Wood has pretty much all of them listed on his site, if you know of any more and want myself or Andrew to add them, put them in the comments section.

The  only other ones I have used recently are the App-V stencils from Kirxblog

Updated 13/02/14: New Visio Stencil from Citrix just released. Find them here

Save the stencils to the My Shapes folder which should be in your Documents library.

They will then appear under the My Shapes menu in Visio



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