“New” Citrix Best Practices

There are best practices and then there’s reality…I have been saying that for years.  Because I believe too many folks think some best practices are set in stone or should be implemented or followed no matter what the situation.  To be honest, this could not be farther from the truth.  It’s why many Professional Services organizations (CCS included) use the phrase “it depends”.  There is also a reason why our Legal team at Citrix cringes when we use the phrase “best practice”…because for a certain situation at a certain customer with a certain set of business requirements, that practice we recommended might not actually turn out to be “best” or truly optimal, and it could result in say downtime, disaster, upset customers, lost revenue, etc.  And that word “best” may end up having legal implications, which is why we tend to use “leading practices” in our documentation instead these days.  But the point is best or leading practicesevolve…certain best practices change over the years…a “best practice” in one situation at one customer might be a worst practice at another customer.  It really does depend.




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