Brian Madden, Gabe Knuth Praise XenDesktop Local Mode for Mobile Laptops & Desktop Management

“I can’t imagine an IT pro on the planet who wouldn’t choose managing one VM image over managing 1,000 native images.” 

That was Brian Madden’s response in his live podcast this weekwhen discussing how XenDesktop local mode can be used to centrally manage and secure Windows desktops and laptops. He and Gabe Knuth shared this and other strong opinions about “Windows as a Service” and how client virtualization enhances the Citrix FlexCast model.

What is XenDesktop local mode and why is Brian and Gabe excited about it?

XenDesktop local mode is XenClient and these two virtualization industry experts clearly see how mature and transparent the technology has become, how essential it is for laptop users, and how it is a desktop management solution for VDI and non-VDI environments.

XenDesktop local mode isn’t about the hypervisor or enabling a few users to occasionally run offline. Citrix’s multi-hypervisor strategy and centralized image management enables IT to better manage any endpoint device—whether they’re on or off the network or in remote locations with limited connectivity.

“I love the idea of sending one image out to desktops, laptops or Macs. If the company owns the device, do a Type-1 [XenClient] and if the user brings in their own hardware, do Type-2 [DesktopPlayer]. It’s the same management across the board and companies don’t need to waste cycles thinking about whose device it is or what the device is,” said Madden.

XenDesktop local mode delivers centralized management and security without compromising the end user experience. Gabe commented, “The whole point is to make sure end users don’t know their running a client hypervisor. Getting it transparent so that end users have no idea there’s something else between turning the power on and having Windows show up is perfect now.”

Only Citrix enables companies to run local and hosted virtual desktops using one solution. Brian said, “I’ve always liked from Citrix that [desktop virtualization] is more than just VDI. FlexCast is that whole suite that covers all the different use cases.” Gabe added, “It’s cool to see [XenClient] find its home. It’s not an either/or decision. XenClient is part of XenDesktop Enterprise or above and it’s coming together really nicely.”

What’s also nice is you can access the full podcast to hear Brian and Gabe talk about XenDesktop local mode. After listening you may come away echoing what Brian said, “I like running stuff locally.”

Pete Downing, principal product manager, and Dan Cote, senior product marketing manager, were guests on this podcast. Both are part of the Citrix client virtualization group.



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