Citrix XenClient 5.0 Enterprise

Great tip from Doug Brown´s web site regarding Citrix XenClient 5.0 Enterprise
I hope this email find’s you well!   As you might know, I’ve always been a HUGE fan of Citrix’s XenClient and not just the product but also the idea behind what it does.  It’s the idea that we don’t stop virtualizing when it comes to the endpoint, as the benefits of virtualization don’t stop.  The idea that we can take an OS and turn it in to bits and send it anywhere is just so powerful and only getting better release-by-release…   Not much I like more!  It gives you the power of local performance with centralized management and backup and restore.  Truly beautiful, in my mind!
Just over a year ago I sent you an email talking about all this and how XenClient was amazing but that there was a better solution made by the folks at Virtual Computer.   Well, I think Citrix was listening as a few months after I sent that email they bought Virtual Computer!  Citrix is very committed to this idea, to this technology so they just went out and bought the VERY best.  I could not have been happier.   
One of the main complaints about the old XenClient was hardware compatibility, well the new release does not suffer from any of it!  It works fine on hundreds of business-class desktops and laptops! 
That being said, Citrix’s latest release of XenClient unifies its hosted and local virtual desktops using Personal vDisk and Citrix Profile Management.
XenClient Enterprise 5 (included within XenDesktop Enterprise and Platinum editions) offers: 
  • Profile synchronization between local and hosted virtual desktops – so users can seamlessly work from any device using their hosted desktops or on the road with their laptop.
  • Personal vDisk technology, enabling users to install their own apps while admins can continue to update and control the base image.
  • Flexibility and productivity for users (to work regardless of the quality of the network connection) with complete centralized control for IT.
I can go on-and-on but I will stop here!   Give it a shot, I think you will love it!  I sure do! 
Check out a video explaining more here:
And you can download XenClient Enterprise 5 here:

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