Introduction to Application Virtualization: ThinApp, App-V, XenApp and More

Great tip from Trond´s web site

If you work in the Desktop and Server engineering space you will likely already realize that your storage, network and other hardware all count for nothing if your users don’t have the software applications they require to do their jobs. Moving from traditional locally installed applications provides many benefits and is not only a critical component in a VDI environment but also an increasingly attractive option for deploying your applications to actual physical desktops, laptops and tablets.

In this presentation I will answer the What, How, Why, Who, Where and When:
– What Application Virtualization is
– How Application Virtualization works
– Why you should consider it for your environment
– Who provides Application Virtualization Technologies and overviews of the different solutions out there provided by industry leaders such as Microsoft, VMWare, Symantec etc.
– Where you can purchase these solutions and find more information
– When YOU should consider making the move to virtual applications? Hint: NOW!


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