Videos from the CloudStack Collaboration Conference North America 2013


The second successful Apache CloudStack Collaboration Conference was held this summer in Santa Clara, California. The Apache CloudStack community gathered together on day one for a hackathon and formed various groups to discuss, brainstorm and collaborate on new ideas. Following the hackathon, was a great line-up of presentations, keynotes and panel discussions. Check them out for yourself!

The next CloudStack Collaboration Conference is underway and will be held in Amsterdam at Beurs van Berlage from November 20th- 22nd, 2013. The call for papers closes on September 30th so get your proposals in!


Welcome to the CloudStack Collaboration Conference by Mark Hinkle

Why We Need DevOps Now: A Fourteen Year Study of High Performing IT Organizations by Gene Kim

State of the Project: Apache CloudStack in 2013 by Chip Childers

State of the Feather: News from the Apache Software Foundation by Doug Cutting

Dystopia as a Service by Adrian Cockcroft


Whats the Use!? (Real Customer Use-Cases) by Paul Angus

Who the heck are you? Integrating CloudStack Authentication by John Burwell

Building Scalable, Resilient Infrastructure on CloudStack by Sebastian Stadil

How to Run from a Zombie: CloudStack Distributed Process Management by John Burwell

Troubleshooting Strategies for CloudStack Installations by Kirk Kosinski

Six Months into CloudStack: Lessons Learned at Citrix OSD by Brian Galura

Tales From The CloudStack Realtime Support Team by Clayton Weise and Kelcey Damage

Calling CloudStack: Building a Phone Company One Zone at a Time by Evan McGee

Linux Native VXLAN Integration by Toshiaki Hatano

OpenStack Swift Introduction – Technical Overview & Use with CloudStack by John Dickinson

Putting the PaaS in CloudStack by Diane Mueller

Apache CloudStack – Virtual Private Cloud by Kelcey Damage

Intro to Ceph for Cloud Storage by Ross Turk

Xen: Open Source Hypervisor Designed for Clouds by Russell Pavlicek

Stackmate: Your Friend in the Cloud Business by Kishore Yerrapragada

CloudStack Challenges for China Customers by Gavin Lee

Network Virtualization with MidoNet in CloudStack by Dave Cahill and Yoshi Tamura

SDN in CloudStack by Hugo Trippaers

Cloudstack — Customer Spotlight by Giles Sirett, Simon Oppenheimer, Pascal Vitoux and Tim Cox

Evolving XenServer and XCP to Meet the Changing Needs of the Cloud by James Bulpin

High Availability and Disaster Recovery for Cloud Workloads by Venkata Swamy Babu Budumuru

CloudStack Metering – Working with the Usage Data by Tariq Iqbal

Panel: CloudStack & Cloud Storage: Where are We at, and Where do We Need to Go? By Adam Carter and Dan Iacano

Supporting the Palo Alto Networks Firewall Natively from CloudStack by Pierre-Luc Bisaillon, Ian Rae, Marc Benoit

Lessons Learned in the CloudStack 4.1.0 Release by Chip Childers

Backporting Features in to Custom Apache CloudStack by Ilya Musayev

CloudStack Storage Subsystem Update by Edison Su

CloudStack University by Sebastien Goasguen

CloudStack Performance Testing by Sowmya Krishnan

Hands-on-Lab: Running CloudStack & Nicira NVP by Somik Behera and Adrian Steer


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