XenServer – Windows full template

In this video we will step though the creation of a Full template for Windows Server 2008R2 on Citrix XenServer 6.0. XenServer from Citrix is an openSource Linux Hypervisor solution that provides enterprise ready virtual machine hosting. One feature you will want with this is using full Operating System templates. We show you the process of installing Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 as a virtual machine in XenServer. We then customize the installation by adding in the XenTools para-virtualized drivers for windows, and other minor tweaks before running sysprep to “generalize” the installation.

Once the machine has shutdown after sysprep we can then conver the VM to a template. This is a one way process that make the VM read-only. The grahic above shows the full template in blue. We can then create virtual machines from the template. The new virtual machines use the template as their base and just store the differences in their own separate disks. This saves both disk space and time.



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