XenServer – Virtual Switch controller

If you are using XenServer 6 then the default briging that is used in netwoirk is the open switch stack. With this in place we can use the dVSC, Distributed Virtual Switch Controller. This allows us to configure access control and QoS rules as we might on a managed switch but without the expense of the hardware. Additonally we can see network throughput and guage which networks are over / under utilized.

if we need it we can also use the DVSC to allow for private networks to be shared across your servers in a pool. This means, if you do use private networks to protect resources, they can exits and be migrated in your pool.

In the video we impoart version 6 of the controller and then update it to version 6.02 with the NSF update. We could have imported 6.02 from the outset but it makes sense looking at the firmware upgrade. Witht he basic configuration and upgrade in-place we then connect to the resource pool and implement cross-server private networks and see how they show in the dVSC console.



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