XenServer – Resource Pool from scratch

Here we take you through the process of creating a resource pool from the beginning. We have two xenserver 6.02 servers but neither is in a pool. Not has any virtual machines or storage locations been created.

Install updates onto XenServer-1

Making sure the XenSerrver software is up to date before we add anything is not a bad idea. We cannot disrupt anything if we are not yet using ther server. XenServer 6.02 does ship with two updates but will will add update 003 to the server. The update , even when installed, will remain on the update spartition of the server. this means that all our updates remain for other servers introduced later.

Next we add shared ISO and VHD storage

To be able to utilize XenMotion and workload balancing our virtual machine storage must be shared, at least with this version of XenServer current as of writing. So before we add any virtual machines we need the shared storage. We will use NFS storage for both VHD and ISO libraries. The shared storgae cuold be NFS as we use, or iSCSI or specific network SAN hardware.

License Server

Now we have the shared storage we can introduce the license server VPX. The storage can now be the NFS store so we can migrate between servers that share the resource. Again having all the infrastructure inplace first does make sense so this resource can be agile acroos servers in the pool.

Update XenServer-2

We can now update XenServer-2. Even thiough it is not in the pool yet; it can’t until it has the same updates as the first server. It can use the updates we uploaded to the first server. XenCenter will mark it as downlevel, not having the same version and allow us to update from the right-click menu of the XenServer-2.

Join the pool

To join the pool we must have the same XenServer version and also compatible CPU. We can use the xe host-cpu-info to compare the features. If they are the same then we can join the pool. If they are not the same we may be able to mask some features on the higher level CPU so the join can take place.

Finally we see migration and maintenace mode when in the pool

Now we have the two servers in the pool we can migrate the license server both manuallly and when putting a server into maintenance mode. Hopefully, the video will help you though your undertsanding of the feaures of Citrix XenServer 6.



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