XenServer – Openfiler nas storage

In this video we take a look at installing openFiler. This is an open source linux distrubution specifically setup for NAS. This can provide a more than satisfactory solution to NAS storage for your XenServer farms. openFiler can be clusetred for extra protection and the web management will alllow you to easily manage the server withour having to touch the Linux command line. 


Een though openFiler is free to use, should you want support then paid support options do are available. often the hurdle with Linux in an organization is “who do we blame when it goes wrong?” , with paid support you have someone at the end of a phone who can help with your issue. If you already happy with Linux you may not wish to take the option but it is there is you wish.

We run through the install, which is veru quick as the installation is specifically aimed at NAS storage so no extra clutter is added. We create and extra LVM partition to share out later in the web console but the install is easy and quick. Once istalled we change the default password from passowrd for the admin accouont , openfiler, to something more secure. With this in place we then move to the network configuartions, service setup and share creation. All of which takes less then 5 minutes to get you up and running.


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