XenServer – Installing and ISO library

In this video we will step though the installation of Citrix XenServer 5.6, installing Supplement Packs, installing the XENCenter Management Tool and creating an NFS ISO Library. To start I have to download the XenServer Installation ISO from Citrix and the Linux Supplement Pack so I can support Linux virtual machines as well as Windows based VMs. XenServer is a Linux based Virtual Machine Server and install quite quickly, once installed I am prompted to install any supplent disks, from here I then switch disks and install the Linux Driver Pack. Once installed the XenServer will boot to a Text menu from where I can manage the server and virtual machines. I can use the menu or shell out to the command line. Often though administration is maintained from the GUI base XenCenter from a Windows desktop. The XenCenter msi is found on the installation disk for XenServer so is simple to locate and manage. From XenCenter I can connect to my XenServer and manage virtual machines. Additonally I can add the NFS ISO library, connecting to another Linux Host that has shared out ISOs with NFS. This ISOs then can be made available to my Virtual Machines.




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