XenServer – connect to iSCSI

XenServer can exist within your internal cloud and utilize disk space made available on iSCSI Targets. In this tutorial we create an iSCSI Target on SUSE Linux Enterprise 11 and create LVM Volumes to share out to clients or iSCSI Initiators. The Volumes represent Disk space but not file-systems, they are just the disk space and are not formated on the iSCSI Target. Once the iSCSI target is cretaed we can connect the XenServer to the iSCSI Target. Creating a New SR we can point to a “Software iSCSI”. Entering a name for the SR and the address of the target we can then use the Discover IQNs and LUNs on the iSCSI Server. The video shows you the complete setup of the iSCSI Server and XenCenter connecting Target.



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