XenDesktop – Powersehll GPO

Adding the correct Snapin

To begin, of couorse, we will need the Citrix PowerShell snapins. Inthe video we use XenDesktop and they are included in the the Desktop Controller intsall. We just need to open a PowerShell prompt and then add the Snapin:

Add-PSSnapIn Citrix*

With this in place we will see that we have additonal PowerShell drive assignments, in XenDesktop, to both the LocalGPO in the Site Database and addtionally to the HyperVisor


Set Local GPO

With this the drive letter is assigned for us. It is then just a matter of using the CD command to navigate the policy, or, if we want to set a policy using the Set-ItemProperty command:

Set-ItemProperty LocalGPO:\User\Unfiltered\Settings\ICA\SessionLimits\SessionIdleTimer -Name State -Value Enabled
Set-ItemProperty LocalGPO:\User\Unfiltered\Settings\ICA\SessionLimits\SessionIdleTimerInterval -Name Value -Value 700
Set-ItemProperty LocalGPO:\User\Unfiltered\Settings\ICA\SessionLimits\SessionLingerTimer -Name State -Value Enabled
Set-ItemProperty LocalGPO:\User\Unfiltered\Settings\ICA\SessionLimits\SessionLingerTimerInterval -Name Value -Value 300
Set-ItemProperty LocalGPO:\User\Unfiltered\Settings\ICA\Printing\ClientPrinters\ClientPrinterAutoCreation -Name Value -Value DefaultPrinterOnly
Set-ItemProperty LocalGPO:\User\Unfiltered\Settings\ICA\Printing\ClientPrinters\PrintDriverMappings -Name Values -Value @("Microsoft XPS*,Deny")
Set-ItemProperty LocalGPO:\User\Unfiltered\Settings\ICA\Printing\Drivers\InBoxDriverAutoInstallation -Name State -Value Disabled

Set Domain Policies

Polices in the Domain will require us creating new drive assignments to we may access the AD. This is managed with the New-PSDrive cmdlet.

New-PSDrive DGPO -root \ -PSProvider CitrixGroupPolicy -Domain XD-GPO

Here we are creating a new drive “letter” DGPO that links to a policy within the AD called XD-GPO. To set the same settings as we made before, we now use the drive letter DGPO:


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