XenDesktop 6 – Windows 8 delivery agents

Project Excalibur – XenDesktop 6

In this article we take a look at installing the new delivery agents from the tech-preview, Exaclibur. This is due to be released in Q1 2013 and may well become XenDesktop 6, XenApp and XenDesktop in a single product and shared architecture. The Delivery Controllers now supports installation onto Windows Servers and supports multiple ICA sessions to mimic XenApp and allow for the single-architecture, FMA instead of IMA. (Flexcast Management Architecture / Independent Management Architecture)

Installing the Delivery Agent on Windows 8

The Delivery Agents for XenDesktop 6 then support both server and desktop OSs; Windows 8 and Server 2012 are included nor and we look at installing the Delivery Agents onto Windows 8. First by instally .NET 3.5, adding the machine to the domain and finally instally the agents. As this will become a master image it does make sense to customize the event log views and craerte a custom view for Citrix Evnets to help with fault finding later down the track

Creating an MCS Catalog

We can duplicate Server and desktop OSs with Machine Creation Services whilst creating Machine Catalogs. We do this with the Windows 8 Virtual Machine we created and then create a Delivery Group to make the desktop available to out users.

Connect to Windows 8 and Server 2012

With everything in place now we connect to the Windows 8 Virtual Desktops and Server 2012 Desktop we crteated earlier. the Windows 8 agents are single session, allow just one ICA session to connect; Server 2012 allow for miltiple ICA sessions.



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