Streaming profiler – Firefox custom install

There are standard courses and then there are QA courses. We do like to extend the labs a little to show more practical purposes of the tools on offer. The standard lab will have firefox installed as standard and no customizations. This means that you will be prompted to import setting on first run and the software updates will be left turned on, the homepage will be etc. The Advanced install in the profiler is so very useful and it is not used. With this we then add in the customization files that we require to standardize our install.

  • override.ini
  • mozilla.cfg
    pref(“”, false);
    pref(“app.update.enabled”, false);
  • local-setting.js
    pref(“general.config.obscure_value”, 0);
    pref(“general.config.filename”, “mozilla.cfg”);

The files need to be copied with a file copy action in the profiler : override.ini copy to %PROGRAMFILES(x86)%\Mozilla Firefox\
mozilla.cfg copy to %PROGRAMFILES(x86)%\Mozilla Firefox\
local-settings.js copy to %PROGRAMFILES(x86)%\Mozilla Firefox\Defaults\pref


The video explains all 🙂


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