Provisioning Services – vDisk update

I am a techinical instructor and not a sales person, take it from me that Citrix Provisioning Services is pure brilliance where you need standard desktops or servers, especially XenApp or RDP servers that all need the same applications and similar configuration. In my previous video we looked at how easy it was to install and configure and today will will look at how we update the vDisk. Of course, we are going to need to apply Microsoft updates and other software during the lifecycle of the OS. As the machines connected to the vDisk boot to, generally, a shared r/o disk deploying updates through WSUS or SCCM is not an option. Once a month though we can apply updates to the vDisk and that effects all the machines. To do this: select one device to boot into maintenance and then choose versions from the vDisk right-click menu. From here we can create a maintenance version of the disk for or device to boot into. Essentially a snapshot and linked clone of the orginal. We now boot into the maitenace version of the disk make our changes, the other devices can be connected to the orginal version while all this takes palce. Once the updates are in place we can return to the versions tab of the vDisk and promote to the Production version. Next time the devices boot they will see the new vDisk image and not the old. It is a simple as that and no SCCM licenses required. Of course, should we need to we can revert to the old version where our testing did not highlight issues with the new version. Pure brilliance, now see the magic in the video :-


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