Provisioning Services 6.1 – Install and config

So Provisioning Services is the magic of Citrix; being able to deply the OS and applications for servers and desktops over the network. In the extreme catering for diskless workstations with central image management. The operating system along with the applications are streams from the provisioning server block by block as they are required. This can supply your standard desktops to users or as a platform for managing the servers in a XenApp farm. The identity of the machine is stored in the database so a single image can be used to boot many machines and each having its own unique identity within Active Directory. To goo to be true? The watch the video as we show you how to install PVS 6.1, configure the farm and image a single Windows 7 machines to be used as the single disk for many diskless workstations. The disk space used will be 4.5GB in the example and that is all the space we need no matter how many machines we boot from the single disk


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