Powershell – Creating Xenapp administrators

In this second video I will introduce how we can use PowerShell to manage our Citrix XenApp Servers and use command tasks like adding administrators, assigning rights and creating worker groups. The video will step you though the process, the main command that we look at though are listed below:

Create a Full Administrator
New-XAAdministrator Coolidge\CitrixEngineer -AdministratorType Full

Create Custom Administrator
New-XAAdministrator Coolidge\HelpDesk -AdministratorType Custom -FarmPrivileges LogOnConsole
Set-XAAdministratorFolder Coolidge\HelpDesk -FolderPath Applications -FolderPrivileges SendMessages,LogOffSessions,ResetSessions,ViewApplications,ViewSessions

Create Worker Groups
New-XAWorkerGroup -WorkerGroupName “All Servers” -ServerNames XENAPPSERVER-1,XENAPPSERVER-2



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