Powershell – creating applications in xenapp

In this video I will introduce how we can use PowerShell to manage our Citrix XenApp Serevers. When XenApp is installed the PowerShell snapins are also added to the server. These can be issued on the server or from desktop with the management tools added. From the PowerShell command prompt I can issue the command: 
This will display standard snapins that you have. If I want to add the Citrix cmdlets then I run a command such as: 
Add-PSSnapin Citrix.XenApp.Commands 
To create a published application on XenAPP then I could issue the command : 
New-XAApplication -BrowserName Calculator -ApplicationType ServerInstalled -DisplayName Calc -CommandLineExecutable calc.exe 
To assign this application to servers we could then use the PowerShell command: 
Add-XAApplicationWorkerGroup -BrowserName Calculator -WorkerGroupName Tup-Servers 
Finally we need to assign the application to users and enable it : 
Add-XAApplicationAccount Calculator CTX-1\Users 
Set-XAApplication Calculator -Enabled $true

Now I know this may look daunting; however is this is used ina script it wold be very easy to run may times creating the same results reliably each time and more quickly than the GUI. Now is the time to learn PowerShell.



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