License Server – Ports Explained

During the configuration of the Citrix Licensing Server you will notice that the default ports that are used include:

  • 8082 : Web Console
  • 27000: Licensing Server
  • 7279 : Vendor Daemon

The Web Console is easy to understand, the provides the Web Interface to manage the Licensing Server and is TCP 8082 by default. The other two ports are not so obvious.

27000 : The Acresso Licensing Server . This Licensing server can be used for many products. With XenApp, the IMA service checks in with the Licensing Server and connects on the port to check the Licensing Server availability.

7279 : Vendor Daemon. This is the Citrix License Port and the IMA Service on XenApp server will connect to the License Server on this interface when they need to check-out and check-in licenses.

In the video we show network packet captures to see the activity on these two ports which I hope helps with your understanding of Citrix.


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