Installing Xenapp 6.5

XenApp is the new name for Citix Terminal Services and we have moved through the ages with:

  • WinFrame
  • MetaFrame
  • Presentation Server
  • XenApp

So I hope you are able to keep up with the ever changing names. XenApp was first used with version 5 and now we have reached the dizzie hieghts of 6.5 and it is well worth a quick tour of the installation of the first server into a new farm. I have the License server in place and an SQL Server to host the IMA or farm database. XenApp 6.5 server can only exist in a XenApp 6.5 farm so the farm cannot contain XenApp 6.0 or other versions of XenApp. It requires Server 2008 R2 so that is what we shall use the host the Citrix XenApp Server.

The installation is really tidy all the pre-requisite software and roles can be installed autmatically by the Citrix Installer. The Installer runs on .net, if this is not installed, Citrix will add it straight away.

If the Remote Desktop role is not added to the server then it, again is added by the installer before XenApp is installed. A reboot is required before you can continue with the rest of the install of XenApp. All other pre-reqs then are added in the final install as is XenApp.

Once installed we can use the AppCenter to view the farm and Resource monitor to view the open ports. In particular will want to see:

  • 1494 : ICA Port use by TermServices
  • 2512 : IMA port used by the IMA service
  • 2598 : Session Reliability Monitor used by the XTE.exe


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