Installing the linux receiver

The Citrix client allows you to access XenDesktop or XenApp Servers from almost any device. The client is known as the Receiver and in this video we look at installing this on Linux, openSUSE 11.4 to be more exact. The receiver for Linux is made up of possible three packages to install, the ICA client itself, USB support and the Firefox mpeg support. This can be installed with the correct .rpm files it .deb files from the installation DVD; however the installer script is the most convenient choice. This is found in the zipped up .tar.gz file.

.rpm and .deb files are similar to .msi files in Windows if that helps. and the .tar.gz would be similar to a .zip file

In the video I use the installer script and execute it once I have extracted the content of the .tar.gz file. The script promts to accept the EULA and then aslks which elements to install. All elements other than the USB support can be installed as a standard user but USB support requires root permissions as it adds a service.

If you are to use the Receiver GUI then this requires openMotif and as this is openSUSE I use zypper to install this. The Linux Reciver GUI is very old and has not really changed in many years. I would stick to the browser.

Drive mapping in the Linux Client only give you local removable drives and not the Linux files system. So when connected to a linux session I can see my DVD in the session on the local Linux device but not my hard drive. As I plug in a USB during the session this then shows as a client drive dynamically if the policies allow for this.


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