Access gateway – Log Transfers

Like many systems the Citrix Access Gateway does store certain activity and events in log files. However, if we need to maintain these log files over a period of time then we are going to need to enable log transfers. 
The Citrix Access Gateway VPX edition has four logs to store information so that we, as administrators, can properly monitor and maintain the device.

  • Audit Log: Information about access to logon points
  • Info Log: System activiry such as networking alerts or even log tranfers
  • EPA Log: End Point Analysis results
  • Debug Log: More detailed information about running processes and activity on the Access Gateway

The hyperlink provide you acess to the current log only, which can show you the lasy 4 or 8 hours of activity. If we need to view historical logs then we will need to transfer the logs to a remote server. The default setting is that this is disabled, but almost certainly you will want to enable this. 
From the Mangement tab we can click on the link for logging and then from here we can ebale log files to be transfered every 4,8 or 16 hours. The remote server may often be Linux as the support protocols inlcude SCP and FTP. Once we have enabled log transfer to the remote server, we can trasfer existing logs and then they will copy on the schedule. Here we copy every 8 hours so that will be 00:00 : 08:00 and 16:00 every day.


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