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Shortly after Citrix released XenDesktop 7 they also announced their new Citrix Certification Program. Although still in beta for the most part they’re quite clear on what we can expect in the months to come. Their new solutions-focused certification program will go live in early Q4 introducing three brand new certification and upgrade paths which we will have a closer look at during this Blog. The accompanying beta exams, three in total, were introduced just over two weeks ago. Registration is already closed but individuals already registered during this two week window will be eligible to take these exams through August 6th 2013.


New certification programs

Since this is an interesting topic not only for me personally but for my company as well I thought I’d dive in and sum up some of the most important changes and announcements, giving you an idea on what’s out there. These will include classroom training sessions, free online resources and a word on what is still to come. Be aware that in most cases you’ll have to login with your My Citrix credentials when having a look at some of the content discussed throughout this Blog. The format hasn’t really changed, it’s still Designing, Deploying and Managing your infrastructure, or something alike. Based on these pillars Citrix created three new certification programs, here they are:

Cert overview

As you can see they’ve introduced some new names for us to get used to, no surprises there. I’ll get to the details on what study in minute. Each certification is build up out of 1, 2 or 3 exams leading to a CCA, CCP or CCE credential. Of-course our current certifications haven’t lost their value, next to these three new certification programs they’ve also introduced three new upgrade paths as well, I’ll let Citrix do the explaining on this one:

Upgrade paths

CCIAs and CCEEs may update to the new equivalent level by passing only one exam. Eligibility to update will require an unexpired credential. The update path for existing CCIAs and CCEEs will be available until this first version of the CCE-AD or CCP-AD exams are retired. We will provide 3 months’ notice of any changes to the update requirements or update path availability.

Existing Citrix Certified Administrators (CCAs) and Citrix Certified Advanced Administrators (CCAA’s) can achieve the Citrix Certified Associate (CCA-AD) by passing only one exam. The new XenDesktop 7 Solutions exams will be available beginning in early Q4. By the way it goes without saying that I ‘borrowed’ the above (and below) image from Citrix, I’m sure they won’t mind. Let’s get visual:

New certifications

Some more on the beta’s

Once registered you can take each beta exam just ones but if you pass the accompanying credential is yours for life! Below you’ll find an overview on the beta exams including their preparation guides to give you an idea on what they were, or are, about:

  1.  1Y1-400: Designing Citrix XenDesktop 7 Solutions
    1. Beta Preparation Guide
  2. 1Y1-300: Deploying Citrix XenDesktop 7 Solutions
    1. Beta Preparation Guide
  3. 1Y1-200: Managing Citrix XenDesktop 7 Solutions
    1. Beta Preparation Guide

Before moving on to some of the classroom training sessions available I’d like to point out some free training material. And since the ‘real deal’ exams won’t be out till the beginning of October you’ll have plenty of time to study them. For a complete overview on the above go to:

New Citrix Certification Overview

Free material

Free Online XenDesktop 7 Training Course

Citrix offers a 2 hour online free Introduction to XenDesktop 7 training. I did it myself and I definitely recommend having a look and invest some of your time. Especially useful if you are a die-hard XenApp Admin and relatively new to the FMA (Flex Management Architecture) that XenDesktop has to offer.

Make sure you visit this website and have a look at the ‘Training’ section. He (Trond Eirik Haavarstein aka Eric) offers some really sweet (free) video resources on XenDesktop 7 as well as a few other related technologies. Be sure to check out the rest of the site as well. Although a membership isn’t completely free of charge, it’s some of the best Citrix and App-V training material you’ll ever come across, a small investment with a big payoff for sure. Just read some of the testimonials and you’ll be confinsed.

Tips & Tricks

There is another free section on XenDesktop 7 called: Tips & Tricks. As per Citrix: These simple tips and tricks will help you implement XenDesktop 7 faster, increase your team’s productivity, and make your apps and desktops deployment go smoothly. This section will be updated on an ongoing bases as soon as new (troubleshoot) tips and tricks, manuals, known errors and other material becomes available. A great resource.

TheXenDesktop 7 Skills Assessment

Let’s assume you’d like to pursue one of the Citrix certifications but you’re not entirely sure on where to start, then give this tool a go, it’s called: The XenDesktop 7 Skills Assessment. This is what Citrix has to say about it: This skills assessment tool helps you evaluate your Citrix and foundational knowledge. After choosing from the Designer, Builder or Operator roles, you will be presented with several real-world scenarios to rate yourself against. Based on these self-ratings, the assessment will identify your knowledge gaps and provide a summary with specific training recommendations, and the ability to link directly to the training associated with your experience and desired goal.

The Citrix E-Docs website

An extensive product documentation library. Not much more I can say about it really, it’s pretty self explanatory, it’s just all there. You can use keywords to search for your topics of interest, it supports the same keyword syntax for advanced searches as Google does.

Citrix Support Forums

If it’s Citrix related you’ll find it here. Some of the brightest Citrix minds out there dedicate their free (spare) time in helping you find the answers you are looking for. If you cant get your questions answered here, it’s pretty much hopeless. Think of it as a giant dynamic knowledgebase with hundreds of Citrix enthusiasts all ready to jump in when needed, well… something like that.

Instructor led

The Citrix online training catalogue already holds three instructor lead training sessions. They  all take up 5 days but vary in price. You have two choices when signing up: Instructor led training or Virtual Instructor led training. I’ll list them below. Make sure you give the Course Description documents a good read trough so you know what to expect on the course and the exam. They cover all objectives and key skills needed to pass the exams including some preparatory information.

  1. CDX-400 Designing Citrix XenDesktop Solutions
    1. Course Description
  2. CDX-300 Deploying Citrix XenDesktop 7 Solutions
    1. Course Description
  3. CDX-200 Managing XenDesktop 7 Solutions
    1. Course Description

NetScaler 10

Last but not least Citrix also offers the Implementing Citrix NetScaler 10 for XenDesktop and XenApp Solutions training. Again, two choices: Instructor led training or Virtual Instructor led training. Secure application and data access, see below:

  1. CNS-206 Implementing Citrix NetScaler 10 for XenDesktop and XenApp Solutions
    1. Course Description

Coming soon

Citrix XenDesktop 7 Helpdesk is a one day course intended for Helpdesk representatives that need to support XenDesktop 7 app and desktop users. I couldn’t find any information on how soon this will be released, will keep you posted.


I hope this has been informative for you, it certainly helped me in determining which route to follow. I’m sure there are more (free) study resources out there, feel free to add anything I might have missed and I’ll make note of it. Happy studying and good luck on all of those  future exams.

Bas van Kaam ©

Reference materials used: and the E-Docs website.


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