Citrix StoreFront 2.0 available soon but…

Written by Thomas Koetzing
Tuesday, 25 June 2013
ImageCitrix StoreFront 2.0 will be available very soon but there some things that you should be aware of. Let’s start with SmartCard authentication is now supported, NO SQL database required anymore (that was actually by my request), BaseURL can be changed in the console and the HTML5 Client is now included. There are other things under the hood but doesn’t seem to work so well.


StoreFront 1.2 upgrade to 2.0

This is a supported scenario even with a server group. I have done both, single and server group update. Now the upgrade takes quite some time (around 20-30 min.) and the progress bar don’t really progress but finishes all of the sudden. Then you have to migrate subscriptions (favorites that is) and worked fine with a single server and SQL db but failed with a server group using a SQL cluster.

If subscription migration fails, then user lose their favorites and have to start over. The new favorites will go into the new local db that is replicated in a server group.


After the upgrade you might run into some issues like I did:

  • User are unable to login, especially with mobile receiver
    Use the following KB but this time it’s the web.config of the STORE not the web site 
  • Endless authentication and in the eventlog you find Event ID 5, “A relying party was not found“.
    I could only fix it by removing SF 2.0, install SF 1.2 and then if you still want back to 2.0
  • Removing the authentication service (that could be helpful with the previous issue) is not available in the console anymore. There are now PowerShell commandlets but didn’t work either.
  • A simple “repair” function is still not available but is sooo needed with StoreFront



By now I have done a LOT of troubleshooting with StoreFront so here are some helpful things:

  • Always check out the Citrix Delivery Service (that is StoreFront) in Applications and Services Logs.
  • If you are an advanced admin, then enable StoreFront tracing. Therefore open PowerShell as admin and execute
    Add-PSSnapin Citrix.DeliveryServices.Framework.Commands
    Set-DSTraceLevel -All -TraceLevel Verbose

    This will change entries in the web.config file. To turn it off use
    Add-PSSnapin Citrix.DeliveryServices.Framework.Commands
    Set-DSTraceLevel -All -TraceLevel Off
  • You find the traces in the StoreFront install folder admin\traces


As a personal note: Working for years with Web Interface, I say it’s old but rock solid. StoreFront on the other hand gives me an unstable and very touchy feeling and I hope Citrix will do something about it soon.


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