Consolidate 10, 20, 30 or 40 Load Balancers with NetScaler SDX! Get Rid of Appliance Sprawl!

Got 10, 20, 30 or 40 underutilized load balancers?  Why not consolidate multiple services onto a single platform that reduces appliance sprawl, but at the same time delivers you with high performance – NetScaler Style!  Ask your Citrix contact to provide you with a (3) year ROI/ TCO analysis report showing the benefits of deploying NetScaler SDX!

Citrix NetScaler SDX is a purpose-built service delivery platform tailored especially for datacenter workloads and operating conditions.

Features and characteristics that make NetScaler SDX an ideal service delivery platform for the datacenter environment include the following:

  • A next-generation fully virtualized architecture to deliver fully isolated NetScaler instances running on a single appliance platform. NetScaler SDX provides full resource and network isolation, per instance (rather than per device) high availability and per instance (rather than per device) version control and lifecycle management.
  • Scalable architecture that enables NetScaler SDX appliances to offer the same HTTP throughput as comparable NetScaler MPX appliances.
  • Each instance is a full-blown NetScaler environment.
  • The next-generation architecture provides the foundation for further consolidation of adjacent service delivery capabilities such as WAN optimization, network security and desktop delivery services.
  • A single control plane provides unified provisioning, monitoring and management of all instances.
  • A transparent services delivery fabric network overlay. NetScaler instances running on NetScaler SDX can be bridged to NetScaler MPX and NetScaler VPX instances.

True multi-tenancy

NetScaler SDX provides a platform to run multiple independent instances of key services to meet the distinct needs of individual business units, critical applications and service provider clients. Enterprise and service provider clients gain dedicated control over their delivery infrastructure, including services such as load balancing, security and application acceleration. Complete isolation of per-client traffic helps satisfy security and compliance mandates and eases operational administration through version control and lifecycle management.

Uncompromising performance

The NetScaler SDX platform combines the power of NetScaler MPX hardware with advanced virtualization and I/O acceleration to support aggregate performance of up to 50 Gbps. A single NetScaler instance can be sized to deliver up to 24Gbps to meet the application needs of business tenants. The virtual architecture protects system resources to optimize application delivery functionality and ensure that individual NetScaler instances do not impact the performance SLAs of any other instance.

Flexible licensing and configuration

NetScaler SDX offers flexible licensing to meet both enterprise and service provider requirements. Depending on the platform, the base solution includes 2 or 5 independent NetScaler instances and provides a growth path to double, triple, or even run up to 8x the base number of concurrent instances. The popular Citrix Pay-As-You-Grow licensing program lets customers scale solution performance to meet future business needs while protecting their initial NetScaler investment.

Simple management

Unified provisioning, monitoring and management of multiple concurrent NetScaler instances through a single control plane streamlines multi-tenant operations. Not only is each NetScaler instance managed independently, but each NetScaler can run a different software version and support independent IP addressing schemes to preserve end-to-end isolation of application traffic between different clients.

Supporting datacenter consolidation

Enterprise datacenters are migrating to virtual architectures that share resources across business units and individual applications. As part of the process, organizations are consolidating networking services and collapsing multiple network appliances into a single, scalable platform that can support the datacenter requirements. NetScaler SDX is the ideal platform to enable this service consolidation within the virtual datacenter while continuing to preserve the necessary traffic isolation and performance and service levels expected by application owners.

Providing multi-tenancy the right way

Virtual datacenters enable key services to be delivered efficiently to individual tenants such as internal business units, individual application owners and external service provider customers. NetScaler SDX satisfies multi-tenant requirements by:

  • Running completely independent NetScaler instances—with separate policies—to deliver all NetScaler capabilities
  • Providing complete isolation of traffic among clients to meet compliance requirements
  • Supporting different NetScaler software versions to meet the lifecycle needs of each client
  • Maintaining separate IP addressing for easy deployment into virtual datacenters

Maintaining tenant isolation without compromise

NetScaler SDX traffic flows and data paths from different clients remain separate at the hardware layer, enabling consolidation benefits to span security zones without appliance sprawl. Hardware virtualization bypasses and replaces software-based traffic classification / sorting methods, enabling administrators to maintain L2 separation without the typical latency associated with virtualizing datacenter workloads. Independent processing stacks and routing segregate traffic and network information to support multiple isolated tenants on a single platform.

Enabling cloud datacenter build-outs

Enterprises leveraging cloud infrastructures need the ability to provision networking capabilities on-demand to meet dynamic application needs. As applications shift from the enterprise datacenter to a cloud environment, much of the application delivery functionality supporting the application must also migrate. NetScaler SDX distributes flexible NetScaler application delivery capabilities across multiple applications running in the cloud through a common control plane—while providing the full reliability and performance of NetScaler hardware.


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