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The Risk of Not Migrating
Significant security risks exist for companies that choose to stay on Windows XP that are not intending to purchase a Microsoft EOL support agreement.
Is BYOD Dead? Beyond BYOD: Securing Corporate Apps and Data in a Complex Mobile World
This paper describes the transition from BYOD to BYOX – when “X” is anything from apps, data to the latest mobile device – and nine big ideas to inform successful enterprise mobility plans.
Forrester Study: Total Economic Impact of the AppSense Management Suite
Evaluate the potential financial impact/ROI of the AppSense User Virtualization Platform in a shared server-based computing environment.
Understanding the Value of AppSense DesktopNow
AppSense DesktopNow is proven to improve and simplify desktop management, increase user productivity and reduce desktop TCO.
4 Key User Virtualization Benefits for Financial Services
This paper describes how user virtualization helps finance IT departments meet their clients’ needs and employees’ demands.
A User-Centric Approach to Secure the Dynamic Desktop
This document details how to configure a contextual security baseline, protect it from unauthorized changes and abstract the element IT can never standardize: the user.
AppSense and Citrix Desktop Transformation Model
This paper discusses how AppSense extends the value of Citrix and forms a strategic component of the Citrix Desktop Transformation Model.
AppSense and DELL Desktop Virtualization Solution
This implementation guide details the requirements for integrating AppSense with the Dell Desktop Virtualization Solution (DVS) architecture.
AppSense and Marathon: Ensuring continous hardware uptime
This paper describes the benefits of using Marathon everRun MX 6.1 with AppSense Environment Manager.
AppSense and User Rights Management
This paper describes how AppSense User Rights Management empowers IT to deliver a practical balance between security and user flexibility.
AppSense and Windows 7 Migration
This paper describes how AppSense helps businesses move to Windows 7 more quickly and at less cost by managing the most complex component of the desktop, the user.
AppSense User Virtualization and Centrix Software
This paper describes how AppSense and Centrix enable enterprise desktop transformation projects and facilitate the move to a user-centric computing strategy.
Embracing BYOD in the Enterprise
This paper describes how AppSense and a people-centric approach can be applied to formalize a sound BYOD enablement and support strategy.
How AppSense Performance Manager Helps Reduce Carbon Footprint
AppSense Performance Manager helps maximize hardware resources by enabling more users per server, reducing power consumption and carbon footprint.
Microsoft Application License Control
This paper, written with the support of Microsoft, provides an overview on how Microsoft applications are licensed, and how to achieve license compliance in virtual environments.
Mobility and Enterprise Data – Dutch
This paper presents a pragmatic approach for extending existing IT investments to the mobile world (in Dutch language).
Mobility and Enterprise Data – English
This paper presents a pragmatic approach for extending existing IT investments to the mobile world.
Optimizing Healthcare IT and Clinical Productivity
This paper describes how user virtualization provides a user experience for clinicians that is seamless, predictable, responsive and secure.
Solving IT Challenges in Higher Education
This paper describes how institutions are solving education IT challenges with a user-centric desktop delivery approach.
User Virtualization with Microsoft System Center
This paper shows how AppSense with Microsoft System Center simplifies desktop management and gives users a consistent and personalized experience across devices.
User Virtualization: Beyond Device-Centric Computing
This paper by analyst firm Freeform Dynamics explores how a user-centric approach enables business, IT and user needs to be better balanced.
Why AppSense for VDI
This paper validates, through testing with Microsoft and Citrix, the joint value of AppSense with XenDesktop on Microsoft Hyper-V.
2013: Year of User Optimization & Making the Most of Existing Investments
AppSense interviews Cloud and Virtualization Architect, writer and blogger Bill Kleyman on how enterprise can manage these challenges and best optimize their existing environments.
Pros & Cons of Windows 7 Migration Strategies
This whitepaper looks at the options for businesses planning and deploying a Windows 7 migration and the pros and cons of each depending on the type and complexity of the install base as well as all important end user considerations.
The Cost of Not Migrating
Understand more about the cost of custom support for Windows XP after EoL.
Privilege Management
AppSense’s enterprise grade privilege management solution empowers IT to deliver a practical and cost effective balance between these conflicting demands.
Privilege Management – Top 8 Reasons
Eight reasons why you need privilege management.
Privilege Management Technical Reviewers Guide
Technical whitepaper discussing privilege management

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