Citrix Certified Sales Professional 2013



The Citrix Certified Sales Professional (CCSP) 2013 will equip you with comprehensive sales strategies for Enterprise Mobility, App and Desktop Virtualization, Networking and Enterprise Cloud solutions, in just one online course. Upon completion, you will be able to confidently convey the Citrix vision and strategy, effectively recognize your customers’ pain points, and present the appropriate Citrix solution for your customers’ needs.

New for 2013! Learn on your mobile device, take notes on-the-fly and get real-time feedback when you test your knowledge.  To ensure you have the best experience when taking CCSP 2013 even when you are on the go please use the following:

  • For desktops: Internet Explorer 8+, Firefox 5+, Safari 5+, Chrome 10+
  • For mobile devices: Mobile Safari on iOS 6+, Chrome browser on Android 4+

Translations for CCSP 2013 coming soon! In the meantime, the CCSP 2012 course is still available in multiple languages.

Upon successful completion of this course, learners are able to:

  • Recognize the Citrix company vision and strategy
  • Differentiate between the three Citrix key play conversation types
  • Explain the account expansion roadmap and its significance
  • Recall sales strategies for Enterprise Mobility, Networking, App and Desktop Virtualization, and Enterprise Cloud and explain how to execute those conversations with the appropriate buyers
  • Identify the different partner types in the Citrix Partner Network and best practices for engagement

CSP-009 Course Description –

See more details at –


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