Advanced Tools and Techniques for Troubleshooting NetScaler Appliances


This session will cover advanced techniques in troubleshooting the Citrix NetScaler Appliance using tools such as Citrix TaaS, IPMI, nsconmsg, wireshark and log analysis. We will review usages of these tools along with case studies showing how to best troubleshoot common issues seen in operating Citrix NetScaler Appliances. What you will learn – Various tools available to troubleshoot issues and how to use them to isolate NetScaler Issues – Common deployment problems and how to isolate the causes

Citrix Webinar: PVS and MCS Webinar – Technical Deep Dive

This webinar will cover the current state of MCS vs PVS. We’ll look at
how MCS and PVS work differently on hypervisors like ESXi and Hyper-V.
We will look at new target platforms such as Windows Server 2012 R2 to
see if PVS or MCS behave differently. And lastly we will dive into the
new VHDX-based PVS wC option and why you should be using it for all
your workloads.

The slides that accompany this webinar are located

Citrix XenDesktop Master Class July 2014 – HDX 3D Pro with NVIDIA GRID

1) HDX 3D Graphics for XenDesktop VDI. Including live demos and an interview with one of the top virtualisation experts in the field.

2) Planning for 3D Graphics? Lakeside Software show you how to do capacity planning and monitoring for your 3D infrastructure with a live demo of SysTrack.

3) Don’t forget XenApp! XenApp users can have great 3D graphics too. Citrix Partner IMSCAD show you how, with real case studies such as Autodesk for AEC.

Citrix Provisioning Services vs Machine Creation Services 2014 revision

Great article By Barry Schiffer

“Two years ago I started writing the Citrix Provisioning Services versus Machine Creation Services decision trees. A year and 12k visitors later it’s time for an updated version. The Provisioning Services vs Machine Creation Services decision tree has gotten a lot of attention over the last year. It’s used on Citrix blogs and more recently in one of the Citrix webinars by Atlantis Computing. This makes me proud and definitely works as an energizer to continue working on projects like this.

I’m writing this in such a way you won’t need to read the earlier articles but of course you are free to do so anyway.”